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We have been working since 2017 to help addicted people get out of the darkness. We are a de-addiction centre, or you can say a recovery centre. You can uniquely experience holistic recovery to get rid of the addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances. 

We take a combined approach for a de-addiction programme where we adopt the latest science-based technologies, an age-old traditional ways of healthy living are used simultaneously. We prioritize the approach you should build within yourself to live your life normally, without dependence on addictive substances. Our expert professional team also emphasises the process of stress reduction and coping mechanisms to accelerate your recovery process. 

We don’t give up on patients who leave after getting de-addicted. We have our exclusive follow-up programme that keeps track of your recovery not only in Jammu but in Srinagar, Manali, and Shimla also. Also, if you need any help, we are always there to help you.

    Recover From Your Addiction in a Scientific Way

    What Do We Treat

    Alcohol Addiction

    Our exclusive Alcohol addiction programme prioritizes holistic de-addiction from excessive drinking and dependency on any alcohol. We prefer simultaneous mind and body healing as well.

    Drug Addiction

    We treat all the patients individually to recover them from extreme dependency on different drugs. We promise you of return from this dark phase.

    Pills Addiction

    Some prescription drugs can affect your health adversely, and people get addicted to them. We work on treating the condition from the root and provide mental support.

    Gambling Addiction

    This condition connects to the reward section of the brain, and our expert teamwork on that area makes you refrain from gambling impulsively.

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    Jammu De Addiction Rehab Center

    Jammu De Addiction Rehab Center offers hope for recovery to all who have been helplessly suffering from different kinds of addiction instead of being aware of the negative consequences. We take care of individuals and try to reach the bottom of their reason behind the addiction to resolve the dependency sooner. We provide supportive measures to get treated and get back to where they belong. We indulge you in multiple activities to get distracted from the mental dependency on addiction. We are a reliable rehabilitation center that adopts a detox and de-addiction approach to serve the common people affected by any addiction.

    Know more about

    Our Treatment, Process & Philosphy

    At Jammu de addiction rehab Center, we emphasize providing intense care to every individual to provide the exclusive experience of recovery or de-addiction. All our programs are designed and offered, keeping the requirements of individual patients in mind. Besides individual counselling, we also prioritize group-related activities to contribute significantly.

    Get a De-Addicted and Healthy Mental State Together

    Why Join Our De Addiction Rehab Center

    Jammu Addiction Rehab Center is a de-addiction organization that helps you with a holistic approach towards quitting addictions and treating mental health issues. We also have our operations running successfully in Srinagar, Manali, and Shimla respectively. We have some special characteristics that ensure that you will get the best services as per your requirement.

    We have a team of professional experts who assess the patients individually and comprehensively to diagnose their condition and require treatment. We take an individual approach for every patient and reach the root of their cause. We design a customized treatment plan for individual patients.

    We rely on scientific procedures to reduce your dependency on different addictive substances or negative energy builders and adopt traditional measures to provide you with a healthy life. Our only aim is to bring you back to your regular life, among your closed ones, in your society. Returning to your normal life remains the most complicated part of this recovery process. Our caregivers are with you throughout this journey. We believe in personal care and take a personal approach to make you feel better. We make patients engage in multiple activities to help them adopt normal regular life sooner.

    At Jammu De Addiction Rehab Center, we assure you of holistic treatment and ensure your mental health improves and you can get back to a normal daily life. We also offer follow-ups for required treatment or sessions from time to time.

    Group Activities

    We focus on engaging the patients in different group activities that reduce their dependency, improve mental health, and facilitate communication with others.

    Diet and Nutrition

    Good and healthy food support the treatment significantly, and keeping that in mind, our team of professional nutritionist design a custom diet plan for each patient.

    Aftercare and follow-up

    We have exclusive planning on follow-up after the patient gets backs to their normal life, and if required, we offer aftercare services too.

    Therapeutic Approach

    We like to treat every individual separately, and for that team of experts, perform a complete assessment to understand your requirement.

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